SocioDigital Lab for Public Policy


2nd SocioDigital Lab Conference 2023

27/11/2023 – 28/11/2023

With a focus on inclusive territories, the conference will address the challenges, opportunities and innovative solutions needed for a sustainable and just future.

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Transformação Digital em Tempos de Crise

The Policy Briefs e-Book is now available online in Portuguese. This publication brings together the content resulting from the 1st conference of the SocioDigital Lab for Public Policy.

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20/11/2023 – 24/11/2023

The new Iscte building houses 8 research units, 13 laboratories, including the SDLab, 9 observatories and several rooms for sharing and collaborative work. It is a space of infinite possibilities, which nurtures the idea that “together we change the future”.

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