SocioDigital Lab for Public Policy promotes a unique interdisciplinary approach to the study of public policy and contributes to the resolution of contemporary societal problems and global challenges. The complexity of the modern world requires new approaches integrating social sciences and digital technologies to address societal problems and contribute to public policy. Six research units with scientific expertise in diverse and complementary fields in the social sciences and digital technologies have, thus, joined together to address those issues. These research units consist of qualified experienced teams with know-how in the fundamentals, analysis, implementation and evaluation of public policies.

Strategic Vision

The SocioDigital Lab for Public Policy promotes an interdisciplinary approach to address the scientific, social, economic, environmental, health, cultural and political challenges confronting society, promoting a close association between social sciences and digital technologies to study and impact public policy, that can provide fresh understanding and knowledge to address society’s pressing challenges, with concern for societal impact and business value. 

The SocioDigital Lab creates a durable interdisciplinary approach to study contemporary societies. It is our understanding that contemporary social problems and global challenges can only be addressed if there is a real integration of different fields to study, analyse and provide evidence-based and data-based solutions to policy-makers. This on-going resilient interdisciplinary work between the social sciences and digital technologies finds expression in national and international projects, involving multidisciplinary teams and interdisciplinary perspectives in an integrative manner to address the challenges of the 21st century.

The SocioDigital Lab builds on past collaborations and brings together six research centres at Iscte – BRU, CEI, CIES, CIS, DINÂMIA’CET and ISTAR – working together and conveying their synergies and disciplinary expertise to create and sustain a new generation of interdisciplinary scientific contributions between the social sciences and digital. This collaboration based on new approaches seeks to ensure that technologies work with and for society to tackle pressing challenges. 

The SocioDigital Lab for Public Policy is organized around five interdisciplinary thematic lines: 

• Regenerative territories for carbon neutrality 

• Social inclusion, equality and citizenship 

• Societal health 

• Global governance 

• Digital transformation and public policies

R&D Units 

The SocioDigital Lab for Public Policy is an alliance of six Research Centres from Iscte, with research in several areas in the social sciences and digital technologies, and addressing topics directly relevant for public policy. 

Research Groups


Business Research Unit


Data Analytics





Organizational Behavior and Human Resources


Centre for International Studies

Economy and Globalization

Institutions, Governance and International Relations

Societal and Development Challenges


Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology

Inequality, Work and Social Well-Being

Migration, Mobility and Ethnicity

Education and Science

Media and Culture

Family, Generations and Health

Politics and Citizenship

Historical Dynamics and Global Integration of the World


Center for Psychological Research and Social Intervention

Behavior, Emotion and Cognition

Community, Education and Development

Health for All: a psychosocial approach to health

Psychology of Societal Change


Centre for the Study of Socioeconomic Change and the Territory

Innovation and Labour

Cities and Territories

Governance, Economy and Citizenry


Information Sciences, Technologies and Architecture Research Centre

Digital Living Spaces

Information Systems

Software Systems Engineering

Complexity and Computational Modelling